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tools4BCI - TiA

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TiA (TOBI interface A) is a proposal for a standardized interface to transmit raw biosignals, with a focus on BCI (brain-computer interface) systems.



The TiA library is written in C++. The Code is available here. To get r/w access to the TiA repository, please get in touch with: Christian Breitwieser -- c.breitwieser(at)tugraz(dot)at

Building the TiA library

Linux & Co.

Under a Linux or Unix based distribution, the TiA library is utilizing the qmake build system from the Qt library. The respective '.pro' and '.pri' files (qmake config files) are included in the SignalServer repo. It is suggested to use the Qt Creater as an IDE under Linux, as it fully supports qmake.


The TiA library source is shipped with a Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 solution file (.sln) and the needed project files (.vcxproj) to build the SignalServer. This solution files are also suitable for the Visual C++ Express Edition.

TiA library dependencies:

boost-libs: system, thread, date_time

Using Linux, those libraries are usually included in the repositories of the respective distributions.



The authors are grateful to Christoph Eibel, who spent many hours refactoring the whole TiA communication and also to Andreas Schuller, who wrote the very first version of TiA.


TiA is dual-licenced under the LGPL version 3.0 and under the Graz University of Technology Commercial License Agreement provided with the Software or, alternatively, in accordance with the terms contained in a written agreement between you and Graz University of Technology.